Gender Equality
Pyramid or Pillars
Women in Cultural Policies

Bringing About Transparency

In the past 20 years, the "creative sector" has diversified and many new opportunities have emerged, also for women.

The information and data presented in this portal provides more transparecny about the recent working conditions for women and their professional development in the arts and media fields in Europe.  Areas for action are presented in order to further efforts towards achieving gender equality, and therefore enhance cultural diversity.  

Transnational partners from 14 countries have been co-operating with the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts) since 1997.  Together they have produced the results presented in

  • "Pyramid or Pillars:  Unveiling the Status of Women in Arts and Media Professions in Europe" and; 
  • "Culture-Gates:  Exposing Professional Gate-keeping Processes in Music and New Media Arts". 

These two studies have been funded by the European Union, national/regional governments and NGOs.

Research for an additional project, "Culture-Biz" (covering film and book-market), is to be completed in Spring 2005.  

Please contact the ERICarts Secretariat ( if you are interested to participate in future projects as partners or sponsors.

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