Pyramid or Pillars
Women in Cultural Policies

Transnational Partnership

Public and private sector partners participated in the project "Women in Arts and Media Professions:  European Comparisons" which led to the publication of Pyramid or Pillars.

Governmental Bodies

  • The Arts Council of England, London/United Kingdom
  • Deutscher Kulturrat e. V., Bonn/Germany
  • Ministère du travail et des affaires sociales, Service des Droits de Femmes, Paris/France
  • Comissao para a igualdade e para os direitos das mulheres, Lisbon/Portugal
  • Directora General de la Mujer, Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid/Spain

Non-governmental Organisations

  • Fördergesellschaft fur Kulturelle Bildung e. V., Bonn/Germany
  • Mediacult, Vienna/Austria
  • Fitzcarraldo, Torino/Italy
  • Boekmann Foundation, Amsterdam/the Netherlands
  • Vlaams Theater Instituut, Brussels/Belgium


  • Department of Communication, University of Salzburg, Vienna/Austria  
  • The University of Helsinki, Helsinki/Finland


  • European Network of Information and Documentation about Women (EUDIF), Brussels/Belgium 
  • Network of Women Journalists in the Mediterranean Region, Italy

Cultural Institution

  • Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn/Germany
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